Sunday, November 21, 2010


My son bought a 1957 Willys Jeep this past summer. Since he’s currently serving in the military, I’ve been doing my best to take care of it for him. Knowing that it does a vehicle no good to sit for months without being driven, I decided to take the jeep for a spin on Sunday, November 14. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and just as I was hopping into the driver‘s seat, my brother-in-law showed up. Without hesitation he climbed into the passenger seat. I had an absolute blast driving that little blue jeep and my brother-in-law has wonderfully captured the experience in the poem below. Thanks Brother-in-law! ~TLRM

THE LITTLE BLUE JEEPby Foster B. Meserve Jr.

The little blue jeep
Sits alone and forlorn
But from its sheer sadness
A great plan is born

We‘ll start the old jeep
And we’ll go for a spin
Miss Tammy’s the driver
I the passenger just grin

First gear then second
And now we’re in third
The hum of the tires
Is all that is heard

A canvas above us
No roll bars in place
We fly down the road
We’re setting the pace

Down hills, ‘round corners
We’re chugging along
Though no radio plays
In our heart there’s a song

The wind shrieks around us
With leaves in our face
We have not a care
As off we do race

At the end of the road
A u-turn is made
She’s grabbin’ the gears
Our tail lights do fade

Back where we started
And then far beyond
The little blue jeep
Is screaming along

I glance at the gauge
With reluctance I ask
I wonder Miss Tammy
If there’s enough gas

Not sure of the answer
Back home we return
And lucky for us
There’s more gas to burn

As we screech to a stop
Cross the lawn with grace
She whips it around
And backs it in place

The key is turned off
The motor is stopped
From this fun buggy
We leap with a hop

On this sunny fall day
Our memories we’ll keep
Of the fun that we shared
In the little blue jeep

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